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Zoning and Planning Services

Village of Pingree Grove, IL

Beginning in 2000, Rolf Campbell Associates began providing zoning and planning services to the Village of Pingree Grove in north central Kane County.  On an approximately weekly basis, staff conducts on-call reviews for all submitted zoning and development applications and acts as the chief planning and zoning resource for providing assistance and answering inquiries from the Village Board, Village Staff, Village Attorney, Village Engineer, residents, business owners, property owners, realtors, and other government agencies.


In this role, our team acts as the initial point of contact for all of these parties regarding zoning and development ordinance administration and coordinates reviews and input by other village staff and consultants. Rolf Campbell assists in scheduling and noticing for all zoning and development matters for both the Planning and Zoning Commission and Village Board meetings.


Rolf Campbell's experienced staff has served under the direction of the Village President and/or Village Manager depending on the village’s desired staffing structure at the time and has been able to flexibly amend its role and contract to reflect changes to village organizational structures.

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